Leave Fairy Tales alone. Please?

This is a random, non scheduled post.  For two days now this has been percolating, and though I still probably didn’t get all my thoughts across that I wanted to, and I know I didn’t go as deep into the subject as I could have, I still feel better having gotten this off my chest.

One of my much beloved books of fairy tales, oh and Pinky the octopus peeking out the say hi.

Let me preface this with a disclaimer. **Unpopular opinion time** I’ve debated writing this post. I’ve debated what I would say, and how I would say it. Because I know what I am about to say will cause people to un-friend me. To side eye me. To talk about how I’m not a good/cool/nice/smart as they thought I was. But here is the thing, my blog, my opinion, and I think that if you really can’t disagree with my opinion and still be my friend, then maybe it’s okay.

The other day strolling through fb while I procrastinated writing, I found this video. I love Rebel Girls. They always post really cool stuff about badass women and as I am raising two badass girls who shall grow up to be badass women, this page usually speaks to me.

And I will say, before I get into why this video annoys me, it’s not the women, it’s not the book, which I am actually going to buy for my girls. It’s the derision towards fairy tales. Yeah okay, I might have lost some people there. That’s fine. But listen, I love fairy tales. Love with a capital L. Are fairy tales perfect? No. Are they sexist? You bet. But you know why?

Because of the freaking time period they were written in!!! When all the fairy tales we know and love (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding hood, etc) were written, women were basically property. There was no gender equality. No political correctness. No women’s rights. They are true to the time period they were written in. So leave them the fuck alone.


Here is my other problem with this. And I’ve spoken to this before, because it is really important to me; books, TV, cartoons, comics, etc should not be the only place your children learn from. If you are worried that your daughter is not seeing enough positive women role models then it is your job as a parent to seek them out for her. I mean you can blame the media if you want, but it won’t do any good, unless you are a part of the media and can start that change from within. Like I said before, I’m raising two daughters. I fully get the lack of strong female characters. But here is the thing, they do exist. If your girl is not finding them on her own, help her find them.

Here’s a small list of my favorites

River Song – Doctor Who

River Tam – Firefly (broken but still badass)

Mulan – (not the disney version, the real woman)

Super Woman – I mean come on now…

Queen Elizabeth – doesn’t matter if you believe in a monarchy or not

Dame Helen Mirren – Amazing woman

JK Rowling – my personal hero

And just to go back to the fairy tale thing again. Here’s some that feature badass women

The Feather Bird – The Brothers Grimm

Hansel and Gretel – The Brothers Grimm

The Snow Queen – Hans Christian Anderson

And because now my blood pressure is high and I need to let this go, I’ll leave you with this. A whole list of other active heroines who don’t need no prince to save them. (Not that there is a damn thing wrong with being saved. Everyone needs saving at some point.)


Cause here’s the thing. Damsel or not a damsel, it doesn’t matter if you are happy in your own life.


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