Monday again?

You know how in Doctor Who there is this one episode when the Doctor is playing professor and he goes on and on about physics?

That’s how I feel about this particular monday. Monday. MONDAY. monday. MonDAY. MONday.


So here I am supposed to be writing a blog. Something witty perhaps? But I got nothing. I’m tired. I’m stressed. I’m fairly excited about my first KU pages read. Oh…and school gets out in 3 weeks. 3 weeks and I’ll have both my girls underfoot. I fear my already slow writing may drop off even further. Sigh. Huff. Pout. Yeah, that’s me today.

So, instead of a interesting read, you get this. And because of this, I offer a picture of my silly rescue dog being totally uncouth.

My Maggie Mae does not understand the meaning of “act like a lady.”

So, now that you’ve giggled, I hope your monday is a great one!

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