It has begun

I’ve been struggling lately with what to write next. I finished the last of my serial killer shorts and I have a standalone about 35% done but then two more novellas that need to be finished. But I kept sitting there with the empty doc file open in front of me and Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

But then……then the most amazing thing happened when I was driving down the road and a character jelled. Just right then. I knew what I would do. And the angels sang and the heavens opened and a rainbow appeared and I screamed in my truck over and over again, cause I was happy and I had a character to build my story on.

So if you’ve not read Forest of Blood, meet Abel and Claire, Chapel of Blood is their story.

(This is rough, yes I see the head-hopping. Yes I will fix it. )

Her reddish blond hair lay matted on her head. Abel pushed back a strand, needing to see her eyes better in the dim light. His fingers searched her pale skin, feeling for the cut that had left her bleeding. His schooling would be well used this night, and he imagined for as long as he stayed in the company of Lord Benjamin and his new wife.

Claire’s body shook. Not only the shock of what had befallen her, but this man who touched her so tenderly. His hands were buried in her hair, his fingers reaching every inch of her scalp. When he pulled them back, blood covered them. He pulled her closer to him, nearly laying her head in his lap.

“Is this agreeable miss?” He asked. She nodded, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth. . He laid her down further, nearly folding themselves over each other and lifted the hair off her nape. The cut was there, just under her hairline and it was angry already.

Also, because music is a huge part of my process and the real reason that this whole thing cemented for me is a song, here is my writing playlist for this story. Or the beginning of it anyway, I’m sure it will grow.  Do you have any songs for me? Anything I can add for a moody gothic horror/romance?

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