Flash time! (not that kind, pervert…lol)

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the call to write a flash piece, but I saw this tidbit in a post in the 10MinNovelists fb group so here’s a bit of flash about the night that hides in the shade.


In the shadows by the shed lived a family.

Not just any family. And not the family you might expect.

They were not monstrous. They were not vicious. They were not dark.

They were night creatures though. Living a life of constant nighttime.

Mink, was the oldest of the five. The leader of the family. The one who called out if the shadows ever receded. Mink was good at his job. But Mink was tired. The shadows receded more and more often now, and the fading took too much out of him.

For you see, if the shadows left completely and that one spot by the shed was filled with light, then the creatures would fade into the ground. Only when the shadows came back would they pool up from the ground again.

And with the return of their nighttime, the five went back to their other job. Cultivating the deadly Asper flower. The flower was used for medicine and and was prized for trading in the market under the shadows of the bridge over the dry creek bed. Mink and his family had been tending the flower for eons. Never letting it fall into the hands of those who would use it for evil.

But with the receding shade, and the tiredness that overtook him, Mink feared for the market, and those who frequented it. If he could not continue to cultivate and protect the Asper flower, then who knows who might get a hold of it.

The problem was, Mink was so much older than the rest of his family, and he did not trust any of the younglings to do the job that he did. All he could do was hope that the next time the shadows receded that he was strong enough to come back.

His hope was strong, the sunlight was stronger.

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